"My friends used to laugh when I couldn't do a single pullup. Now I'm the one laughing because I've beaten their records by training only 45 minutes a week."

After years of trial and error, I discovered the real reason why pullups are so hard for some people.

What you see on this page works in practice.

I don't want to promise you impossible or unachievable things.

I have over 12 years of workout experience. I tested almost every training plan.

Most of them include exercises that will get you nowhere near the first pullup.

After many attempts, I developed a method that worked for all my clients.

Just look at Jacob's progress (the difference between the two videos is 30 days):


After 30 days

Most people trying to learn pullups always make the same mistake. It results in lack of progress and often leads to injuries

If you struggle with the same issues then

Keep on reading...

In my 12+ years journey with bodyweight exercises and coaching clients I was seeking an answer to the question:

Why do some people have no problems with pullups, while others (despite many hours of training) still struggle with this exercise?

Gym beginners are tired of this...

Feeling powerless when trying to pull up
No progress despite training with bands and machines
Shoulder, elbow, neck pain from overly intensive training

Why are fewer and fewer people able to perform this basic exercise?

...because people are looking for easy solutions and prefer to exercise on machines.

Pullups are widely recognized as an integral part of tests for services and schools such as police, military, or firefighting.

They require candidates to have significant strength and physical endurance - pullups are one of the most demanding strength exercises and a significant indicator of overall fitness.

Nowadays, most personal trainers use alternatives to pullups such as pullup/lat pulldown machines. However, you should remember that regular bar pullups should be one of the main exercises in back training.

Why using machines, bands, and other accessories is a waste of time…
And why there's a better way.

Working out using machines, bands, and other accessories cannot replace regular bar pullups.

Bar pullups require not only muscle strength, but also full body control and coordination.

Giving up on learning pullups in favor of easier exercises is just deceiving yourself.

Constantly challenging yourself and overcoming difficulties is the only way you can make progress and develop the full potential of your body.

I will share with you my original P30 METHOD that all my clients use.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said:

"Even without a gym, we can also control our physical fitness [...]. Body weight, or freehand, training is the oldest method in the world. Gladiators and Vikings didn’t have gymnasiums. I started my own fitness journey with chin-ups on a tree branch by a lake in Austria."

I also think that you don't need machines or other accessories to learn pullups. You just need to focus on bar progressions in your training plan.

Even if you can't do a single pullup yet.

My clients' results

Here are the results of my clients who have joined my pullup course.

People just like you who were thinking about starting their journey with the P30 Method.

After finishing my course, my clients not only learned to perform the perfect pullup, but they also built a strong and healthy physique.

Their results are amazing, and they themselves couldn't believe how quickly and easily they achieved their goals.

Why would you be an exception?

The P30 Method will not only help you learn pullups.

Working out using the pullup bar will also improve your physique and will help fix your posture.

Look at my clients' progress:

Who is the P30 METHOD for?

You want to learn pullups by working out just 3x a week for 15 minutes
You're ready to stick to a strict plan
In 30 days you'd like to do 1-5 pullups in a set
You're tired of having no progress with your pullups for long
You want to build big back and biceps and fix your posture
You finally want to get rid of back and neck pain caused by sitting behind a desk for too long
You want to learn how to progress further after the 30-day plan and perform 10, 15 or even 20 pullups in the future
You want to achieve your desired result in the fitness test for the military, police or firefighting

How does the P30 METHOD work?

The P30 Method is an effective solution for anyone looking to improve their strength and fitness.

With a professional approach, I will guide you step by step through the entire learning process, enabling you to achieve an impressive number of reps and increase your power.

This is not just an ordinary workout plan - it's an investment in your health and well-being.

That's why it's worth investing time and money in my course to see how quickly you can achieve your goals with pullups.

Is that easy?

Remember that learning pullups is a challenge.

I won't lie - it's not an easy task. 

...but once you dedicate your determination and trust my comprehensive step-by-step training program, I guarantee you will succeed.

Overcoming this challenge will not only be a physical achievement but also a spiritual transformation and proof that you are capable of achieving your goals.


The P30 Method is a 6-module program with high-quality video materials showing STEP BY STEP how to correctly perform pullups and presenting the best accessory exercises.
The program includes a set of workouts tailored to your advancement level and the goal you set for yourself.

The correct pullup form

Introduction and explanation why the correct pullup form is so important
Presenting the correct way to perform pullups
Explanation of correct body positioning during pullups and the most important elements of the proper form
Presenting different grip types and their purpose depending on your training goal

Accessory exercises

Negative pullups: an exercise involving controlled lowering of the body from the pull-up position on the bar. It teaches precise movement control and develops strength in the abdominal, back, and arm muscles.
Australian pullups: an exercise that allows for training the back and arm muscles using less intensity than regular pullups. It helps in building strength and movement control.
Scapular pullups: an exercise targeting the scapular muscles, involving controlled movement of the shoulder blades without bending the elbows. It enhances scapular mobility and stability, allowing to perfect the starting phase of the pullup.
Dead hang: an exercise involving maintaining a hanging position on the bar. It helps develop grip strength as well as muscles in the forearms, abdomen, and back.
Thanks to these exercises, you will develop strength, coordination, and movement control, which will contribute to improving pullups on the bar.

Your workout plan

Level 1 (Day 1-7)

In this module, you begin your journey of learning pullups
The plan includes the first training level, lasting from day 1 to day 7
The starting condition is strong will and motivation
At this level, the plan consists of two workout days with separate sets of exercises

Level 2 (Day 8-14)

Level 2 continues the workout started in Level 1
The starting condition for this stage is a pullup hold for at least 15 seconds
The plan consists of three workout days, with different exercises for each session
The training intensity is higher compared to Level 1
The goal of this stage is further strength and technique progress

Level 3 (Day 15-21)

The starting condition: 5 negative pullups in a set
The plan consists of 3 workouts throughout 7 days
The exercises at this stage are australian pullups, jackknife pullups, negative pullups and pull up holds
If you started from scratch, after finishing this stage you will be able to perform your first pullup!

Level 4 (Day 22-28)

The starting condition is one full pullup
In this phase you will master the pullups
Workout 1, 2 and 3 include pullups, jackknife pullups and negative pullups
This stage will help you perform multiple pullups in a set


Bonus #1

"7 most common pullup mistakes"

In this bonus:

  • I will share the most common mistakes, that block the progress of most people trying to learn pullups
  • You will learn what not to do to avoid injuries

(regular price: $15)

Bonus #2

A list of recommended and tested pullup bars

  • Forget about spending hours browsing through hundreds of online reviews. Thanks to my personal list, you will save time and energy by choosing trusted and recommended models.
  • Not everyone has the same expectations for the pullup bar. My list takes into account the diversity of options so that everyone can find the perfect model for their individual training goals.

(regular price: $15)

Bonus #3

"No pullup bar - no problem! A workout routine for a strong and healthy back without using the pullup bar"

  • You don't need a pullup bar to strengthen your back. This workout plan provides you with effective methods to work your back muscles at home. Training does not get any more accessible than this.
  • Lack of a pullup bar doesn't mean you can't workout. This set of exercises is perfect when you're on the go or you have no room for a home gym.

(regular price: $60)

Bonus #4

Access to a private group for P30 METHOD course attendees

  • In the private group (accessible only to course attendees) you will find all the guidance and support in your pullup learning journey.
  • A community is a source of knowledge. Thanks to sharing experiences, tips and tricks, all members can increase their knowledge and optimize their workout routines.

(regular price: $40)


My guarantee is clear and simple.

If after 30 days of using my method you won't be able to do one pullup, I'll give you all your money back.

Just send me an email and ask for a refund.

I'm serious.

I can guarantee it, because I'm sure about my method and the results.


You'll get access to a course in which I gathered my knowledge from several years of work with my clients. Knowledge which changed my life and the lives of my trainees
In 30 days you'll be able to do 1-5 pullups in one set
You will build a strong back and biceps
You will get rid of neck and back pain for good
You get 4 extra bonuses worth $130
You don't risk anything as you get a
Full Satisfaction Guarantee
The full package costs $250 but you can get all of it today for just $25
You save a lot of money compared to in-person coaching ($50/h). The course allows you to progress at your own pace with no pressure or unnecessary costs 

Limited-time offer: I reduced the price for my new clients to test how it can influence their decision to improve the quality of their lives. The regular price will return soon, so I encourage you to take advantage of the special discount now.

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